Published work

This is a list of some of my published work, Exhibitions, Graphic novel/comic books and animation
currently i'm working on Dhyana shakti, my second solo show tentatively scheduled for March 2013, also i cannot post links to my animation projects as i'm not allowed to do so, enjoy the rest.

My Exhibition catalogues

"Shiva in Varanasi" a public art project presented by OJAS art and curated by Anubhav Nath.

Dhyana Roopa (2010)
(the first in the series of "Dhyana", i'm on the second one titled Dhyana- shakti" concluding it with the third and final chapter titled Dhyana- sangam"
can download the Dhyana roopa catalogue from here.

Krishna - a journey Within ( 2008-2012), 300 pages.
Written and illustrated by : Abhishek Singh
Pub : IMAGE comics
Trailer :

India Authentic- KALI (2006-2007)
pub: virgin comics
illustrated by : Abhishek Singh

Ramayana 3392 A.D. (2004-2007)
Pub: Virgin comics
illustrated/colored by : Abhishek singh
issue 01
issue 02
issue 03
issue 04
issue 05
issue 06
issue 07
issue 08


my short animation student film (2002-2004)
written, animated and directed by : Abhishek Singh


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a hunter's tale ,,haha funny i think..

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vikrant kumar said...

Awsome work sir, I never seen before , unique everything is immersed in your painting's , m happy 4 I have a opportunity to seen ur live demonstration at banaras ghat , thanks a lot 4 coming to banaras ......☺